Looking for a Puppy


Buying & Owning an OES


It is important to always purchase your OES from a reputable registered breeder. You can expect a wait of up to 2 years for your puppy, this gives you some time to learn about the breed. You can also use this time to build a friendship/support network by meeting club members and connect with registered reputable breeders.

A reputable registered breeder is always interested in finding good homes for their puppies so they will be keen to ask questions and get to know prospective OES owners.

 Old English Sheepdogs are highly intelligent and grow very quickly so it's important that you prepare for the arrival of your puppy. Being a member of the club gives you access to invaluable advice and support as your OES moves through the various stages of development.

The club also hosts a number of events thoughout the year (grooming demonstration, social walks, beach BBQ, novelty competitions) so you and your OES can enjoy time together in the company of other Old English Sheepdogs and their owners.

Our club offers Associate membership for prospective owners and people who are interested in Old English Sheepdogs. Click here for more information and membership forms.  


For more information, or for Old English Sheepdog puppy availability, contact the OES breeders below.

Breeder's name Prefix/Kennel   Contact details  
Fiona Lacey Malizioso OES fiona@ogec.com.au
Cherie van der Merwe  Bobkins Kennel   Bobkins59@gmail.com