OES_WA_Logo.JPG1974 saw the foundation of the Old English Sheepdog Social Club of WA on 20th June. The title was changed later in the year to the OES Club of WA and then became affiliated with the Canine Association of WA in 1979. Incorporation followed in April 1991. The main club activities in the early years were obedience, socials and welfare.

A Championship Show has been held annually since 1979, the club contracting both interstate and overseas judges. In the early 1980s up to 55 OES were entered currently only about 15 OES are exhibited.

The club has run three highly successful Nationals. The first in 1985 was judged by Ed Johansen (USA), the second in 1994 judged by Nina Underwood (UK) and the third in 2006 judged by Catherine Cargo (USA). The quality of these Nationals has been consistently high setting a benchmark for the standard of National shows. Top dogs from across the country have travelled to compete and enjoy the West Australian hospitality.

An Open Show is conducted each year. In conjunction with the show a picnic and fun events are organised to encourage pet owners as well as show owners to participate, have fun with their families and share their OES experiences.

The club has run a Pointscore competition for members for the past 33 years. Each year 10 - 12 Championship Shows are selected which are judged by interstate and/or overseas judges, including the OES Championship and Open show. The winners are recognized - Top Dog, Best Opposite, Breeder of the Top Dog and class winners - at the AGM.

The club has produced the magazine Ambling On, keeping members up to date with social events, show results and information on the care and welfare of their dogs.

The social activities over the years have been many and varied. These events have included Upside Down Christmas Dinners, vineyard crawls, picnics at parks including a walking rally (similar to a car rally except on foot and with your dog) and beach picnics.

Many fundraising events have also included social fun as well, these have included quiz nights, sausage sizzles, lamington drives (we made the lamingtons ourselves), bottling and selling port, selling chocolates, participating in Dulux promotions, taking along goods and selling at swap meets, fashion previews and raffles.

Breed education and promotions of the breed has been ongoing over the years with grooming and show handling days. In the late 80s the club promoted the breed in the city centre displaying obedience, grooming and educating the general public about our beautiful breed.

In the early years the club was active with welfare and introduced ear marking but as the number of dogs have reduced over the years welfare cases are now rare.

The banning of Tail Docking was introduced under the guise of The Animal Welfare Act in Western Australia in 2003, stating that dogs are only to be docked by a vet for Prophylactic reasons. The club spent many hours lobbying politicians but to no avail the bill was passed. It is very difficult to find a vet who will dock tails and not unusual to now see an OES with a tail. The impact has severely reduced the number of dogs bred and hugely impacted on the number of dogs available.

Many people have worked with the club over the years to make it successful. Although the numbers of dogs have dramatically reduced, the owners love of the breed has not and while that remains so will the commitment of the Old English Sheepdog Club of Western Australia.



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Life Members: John Rex, Chris Gunthorpe, Peter Robinson, Maureen Robinson, Helen Boudewyns